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Top Solutions to Finish Your Metal Garage Interior


Now that you’ve taken the time to properly install your metal garage, you need to finish it out!

You may not know where to start or how to finish the garage interior, but we’ll help you get there.

Continue reading our complete guide to finishing your metal building interior to make the most of your space.

1. Add Drywall

Metal garages are great for extra storage of big items but can be a little unsightly if left unfinished. One of the best ways to upgrade your space is by adding drywall to the steel framing. This will give the place a more normal, modern, and less scary appeal.

To drywall, you’re going to want to be sure to use insulation as well. This way on those cold, wintery North Carolina days you can feel confident that anything you’re storing there won’t get damaged by the intense cold. Be sure to do your research so you can properly learn how to install drywall.

2. Paint the Walls

Now that you have drywall up, you can add your own personality by painting it. White-walls can be very monotonous and boring, and get dirty very easily. Choose the right paint for your space to give it an extra modern look.

3. Coat the Floor

Adding a coating to your garage floor not only upgrades the look of the space but it also extends the lifetime of your floor. Using an epoxy coating can extend the lifetime of your floor by 10 to 20 years, ensuring your investment in an extra garage is sound.

The main benefits of an epoxy floor coating are:

  • It’s easy to clean the smooth surface with a hose.
  • The floor is more resistant to stains or water.
  • Reduce the amount of damage done to the floor with this extra layer.
  • It’s resistant to chemicals if you work with volatile materials.

4. Shelving Units and Cabinets

In order to increase the number of items you can store in your garage, consider installing shelving units or even full cabinets. You can mark off the spaces that are awkwardly shaped, or get the most use out of corners with extra shelves.

By adding countertops you’ll have more room to work if you’re using your extra garage as a shop.

5. Decorate Your Garage Interior

Now that you’ve finished out your metal garage interior, it’s time to decorate and furnish it. A good place to start is hanging up some pictures on your new drywall, or maybe that favorite race team banner to make it feel just right. Even if you leave it blank for now, you should at the very least bookmark our blog so you can continue to get building advice and garage hacks.

If you ever need help or think your project is going to be too big for you to handle yourself, be sure to contact us without hesitating. We would love to help you build the custom garage solution that’s perfect for you.

We also have all the products you need for your building job, so be sure to check out our easy ordering process, a crucial part of The NC Builders commitment to customer satisfaction.