Site Prep and Installation


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installation process and site preparation here.

Site Preparation

The most important factor in preparing for install:


(unless a crooked building is what your heart desires…)

The second most important factor is making sure there is plenty of room around the perimeter of your build site so that our installers can manuver properly during install. This is key to ensuring a problem-free installation.


Our installers will arrive on install day most often with a 1-Ton Truck and 30′ trailer hauling materials. Keep this in mind when planning your location. Proper turnaround space and access to the site are imperative to making sure your installation begins smoothly.

Lift Requirements

In some instances, a lift will be required for larger metal building installations. For these installs a 6k “Lull” Telescopic Lift is ideal. Ask your building specialist if your install will require a lift if you are unsure.